Ford MUTT M151 - Description and technical datas

Description and models of the MUTT

M151, M151 A1, M151 A2
Standard model, in which A1 and A2 means modified, version A2 got a complete revised rear suspension for example. In most cases you can find out which version you have thru the wind shield.

M151 A1C
for 106 mm Recoilless Rifle

M718 / M718 A1
Truck, Ambulance

for 106 mm Recoilless Rifle, later also with TOW


Technical Datas of the standard model M151

Lenght 3,37 m (132,7 inch)
Width 1,63 m (64 inch)
Height 1,80 m (71 inch)
Weight 1088 kg unloaded, 1633 kg loaded

Engine 4 Cylinder gasoline engine with 71 PS

Electrical system 24 volts

Transmission 4 Gear, Reverse gear with part time four-wheel drive

Tire size 7.00 x 16
Wheel base 2,15 m

Ground clearance 0,24 m
Fording depth 0,53 m (21 inch) with Deep Water Kit 1,52 m (60 inch)


Spares for your M151 you can find here >> Ford MUTT M151