Ford MUTT M151

The Ford MUTT M151 was presented as the successor to the Willys MB or the Ford GPW and their further developments (M38 and M38 A1).

Even if the MUTT (the abbreviation stands for Military Utility Tactical Truck) looks similar to its predecessors, it is a completely new vehicle.

In contrast to its predecessors, for example, the M151 does not have a ladder frame with rigid axles / leaf springs and an attached body, but a so-called unibody, a self-supporting body with independent wheel suspension and coil springs.

The M151 Series, the internal name of the US Army, was built between 1960 and 1986, not only by Ford, but also by Willys / Kaiser and AM General.
The first delivery took place in 1964. About 100,000 pieces were delivered to various armies. The US Army received the largest part.

In use, the M151's powerful engine, direct steering, innovative suspension and relatively light weight soon became fatal. There were countless rollovers with its rear wishbones.

As a reaction to this structurally problematic rear axle, the A2 variant finally went into production in 1970, which had semi-trailing arms instead of the wishbone. Even so, accidents continued. The US Army therefore decided that an M151 should never fall into civilian hands.
All retired vehicles were therefore first cut up with a welding torch. However, when it became known that they were being repaired outside of the armies, the bodies were completely destroyed.

As part of the US Army renewal program, the M151 Series was gradually retired and replaced by the HMMWV (Hummer H1 / M998 Series).


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