DKW MUNGA Lubricants

Like every car your DKW MUNGA needs a little bit support. The following list shows which liquids are favored. Provided your MUNGA got original spares inside.


Fuel Lead free normal / 2-stroke-oil / Mixing proportion 40:1
Capacity total ca. 45 liters, thereof approx. 10 liters reserve

Chassis Lubricate fat

Oil bath air filter SAE 20 or SAE 30
Capacity total ca. 0,3 liter

Gear box SAE 80 or SAE 90 (don't use hypoid oil)
Capacity total approx. 2,25 liter

Drive shaft / Drive joints Multi-purpose grease

Steering Multi-purpose grease

Differential SAE 90 (don't use hypoid oil)
Capacity total approx. 0,9 liter

Wheel bearing Multi-purpose grease

Brakes ATE Brake fluid / DOT 3 or DOT 4

Springs and car parts Spray oil

Contact breaker High temperature grease


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